No More Secrets Tai Chi Tip #2 "The Five Points"

“No More Secrets – Tai Chi Tips” is a tribute to my Grandmaster Wei Shuren, who revealed the secrets of Yang Jian Hou and Yang Family Tai Chi methods, at the request of his teacher GGM Wang Yongquan. Wang Yongquan, seeing the advent of technology and the losing interest of most things traditional including traditional martial arts such as Tai Chi Chuan, feared the art would be lost. He tasked his disciple Wei Shuren with writing and publishing various materials on the teaching methods of Yang Jianhou. Before Wei Shuren published these methods they were kept strictly secret and never revealed to anyone. The methods presented here can be found in Grandmasters book “The True Teaching of Yang Family Tai Chi” and several other books and videos he published. Unfortunately little can be found in English. It was GM Wei Shuren’s dream that the Tai Chi of Yang Jian Hou be shared and spread throughout the world, like a beautiful spreading grass. These videos are my attempt to honor his wish by sharing these methods with who I can.

Imperial Yang Family Tai Chi
of Elder Yang Jianhou, GGM Wang Yongquan and GM Wei Shuren

No More Secrets Tai Chi Tip #1 "Rubbing the Neck on the Collar"

This tradition of Tai Chi comes from Yang Jian Hou, son of Yang Lu Chan who was the creator of Imperial Yang Family Tai Chi and many offshoots. Also known as "The Secret Transmission of Yang Jian Hou"

Yang Jian Hou taught his disciple Wang Yongquan.

Wang Yongquan taught these methods to his disciple Wei Shuren.

Wei Shuren selflessly taught all the previously kept secrets to anyone and everyone who wanted to learn. Including my teachers Sifu Wei Xilan and Sifu John Fung.

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Added on December 24th, 2018
Last updated: July 8th, 2019