Microcosmic Orbit - Part 1/14 - Intro

The first part of the free Microcosmic Orbit training provided by Damo Mitchell and the Internal Arts Academy. This is an introduction to the orbit and the key factors involved in its practice.
This first video is the introduction to a seven-hour in-depth training program on the MCO including theoretical lectures and practical training exercises which will show you how to activate the orbit for yourself.
To access the rest of the program, please follow this link: https://damomitchell.com/2020/03/23/microcosmic-orbit/

The course is completely free with no strings attached. No need to sign up or leave an E-Mail address or anything. Simply have fun working through the videos and I hope many of you manage to develop the orbit for yourselves.
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Added on December 8th, 2020
Last updated: January 14th, 2021