Medical Qigong 101 014 - Exploring the 5 Element Challenges with COVID-19

COVID-19 and its impact on the world, both near and far, is still yet to be fully realized. Our prayers go out to those who are most impacted by COVID-19 that they may find comfort during this difficult time. In this week's class, we took time to continue our exploration of 5 Element relationships but through the lens of COVID-19. This is not offered as medical advice but as a way to manage our fears and anxieties around the unknown which lies ahead.

As a small, family owned business, this impacts SimplyAware significantly with uncertainty as to when business will be back to an NEW NORMAL.

Join us each week for a new conversation and perspectives on Medical Qigong using plain language so that you can take the information directly into your life.

If you are in the Dallas, Texas area, please stop by and join us in live discussion. This class is an exploration, not a curriculum driven program, no prior experience / training is necessary.

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Here is the COVID-19 Information link mentioned in this video: Visit website
Added on April 15th, 2020
Last updated: April 21st, 2020