Making Of Violet Evergarden | A Production History

Is Kyoto Animation's Violet Evergarden the most visually accomplished TV anime production of all time? Depends who you ask, but it makes a compelling case. Here, we trace the history of Violet Evergarden from award-winning novel to stunning animation, tracing the roots of the incredible talent on its staff, its transition to motion and all that entailed, and the circumstances that allowed for such a production in the first place. Hear from its creators on their journey with this work, see what makes Evergarden so special, and enjoy this look at one of the industry's strongest showcases of its enormous potential.

Chapter Selection:
Prologue - 0:00
A Grand Prize Winner - 1:50
A Production Leader - 4:13
Two Bright Stars - 8:51
The First Steps - 14:27
Time and Talent - 19:45
The Production - 24:55
Violet's Heart - 38:43
Dear Violet... - 45:07

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Official Fanbook Interview - Taichi Ishidate:

Official Fanbook Interview - Haruka Fujita:

Official Fanbook Interview - Akiko Takase:

Ishidate Interview at AX:

Ishidate Interview from Shin-Q magazine:

ANN Ishidate Interview:

Animator data:

KyoAni Production Committee Spreadsheet:

KA Esuma Bunko Chart:

Evan Call Interview

Student Animation by Akiko Takase:

Kantoku vs. Enshutsu:

Fujita Staff Blog

Violet Production Materials

Information re: world premiers:

Staff illustrations and comments:

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Added on October 21st, 2019
Last updated: April 23rd, 2020