Live-stream qigong class (recorded) with Mimi Kuo-Deemer from April 25, 2020

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This is another class I recorded to share here. All these classes are a donation-based. This 75 min class includes the full Yi Jing Jing series (Muscle Tendon Changing Classic) plus five element mudras at the end

I hope these classes can be a way to support you in creating or continuing a home practice during this time. The theme of this class was based on a message from the Hopi indigenous tribe. Hopi means "people of peace", and in Chinese, heping (和平) means peace. I grew up in Arizona, where the Hopi are still based today. When I saw this message decided to share it. You can read the full message using this link:

For my classes, a suggested donation per class is £5 or £10 (or between £25 - 50 per month if you're taking a few classes a week), but I know that in these trying financial times every bit counts, and I would hate to think you can't join a class because you can't afford to pay with your current financial means. If you can make a donation, please feel it as a quality of generosity, known as dana. Your generosity is a gift to help support me for what I hope will also be of helpful support to you during these uncertain times.

Please register for the classes you wish to attend by visiting my website After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting. CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDERS if you do not receive the link. You're welcome to log as far as 15 minutes before classes start and we will begin and end classes on time. YOU WILL ALSO REQUIRE A PASSWORD TO JOIN.

To get on Zoom you simply need to download Zoom desktop client or mobile app. Once you have launched the Zoom app, click Join a Meeting and enter the link for the class.

For donations, you can use PayPal or Venmo.
PayPal: and
Venmo: @Miranda-Kuo-Deemer

Hope you all stay safe and well. Visit website


Added on April 29th, 2020
Last updated: May 15th, 2020