Liang De Hua - Yang Style Taiji Quan • The Martial Camp 2020

Watch the video highlights of Liang De Hua teaching Yang-style Taiji Quan at The Martial Camp 2020 in Chiang Mai Thailand.

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Watch the highlight video of the full event here:

About the organizer:
For the last five years, I have been traveling Southeast Asia, researching different martial arts and filming countless interviews, so that I can share the ‘secret knowledge’ of the masters with my followers. As a result of my experience, I have decided to host a once in a lifetime event, bringing together several teachers at one event, so that people from all around the world can travel to Thailand and experience the internal arts first hand.
Kieren Krygier - The Martial Man

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Added on April 17th, 2020
Last updated: April 20th, 2020