Li Style Taiji Quan: Winter Form

From its origins in the Chen Village, TaijQiuan has spread and diversified greatly over the generations. One of the many contemporary forms of TaiJi practiced in Beijing is Li Style, attributed to the great master LiRouDong. A combination of BaGua, XingYi and Lohan melded with early Yang principles Li style truly is unique in the world of TaiJi.

During my latest Kung Fu trip to Beijing in the Fall of 2019 I continued my study of the Li Style system. During this trip I finally finished learning the blocking to the basic Four Season forms. the last of which, 'Winter', is presented here.

In this video my Shrfu, 4th Generation Li TaiJi Master ZhangXueAn demonstrates the Winter Form. Zhang Shrfu is also a wonderful man and a truly exceptional master of Liang BaGuaZhang and XingYiQuan.
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Added on February 17th, 2020
Last updated: April 26th, 2020