How to do Taoist Pore Breathing for Internal Alchemy | Wang Liping Taoist Cultivation

This video shows how to do Taoist pore breathing. Pore breathing is useful for qigong and neigong practice, but primarily used for internal alchemy (neidan).
Make sure to check out the guided meditation for pore breathing:
And the Taoist Alchemy Online program:

Pore breathing is a method for building foundation in Wang Liping's system of Taoist internal alchemy. Pore breathing is a powerful way to seal our body's energetic leakage, and begin working with yin yang fusion (Kan and Li) in Taoist practice.



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Nathan is a practitioner, writer, and global seminar leader sharing the Taoist alchemy of Wang Liping's Dragon Gate Lineage (Longmenpai).

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Added on February 1st, 2021
Last updated: April 3rd, 2021