Full Circle~BaGua In The Snow

We had some snow here in Ashland one morning and when I arrived at the bandshell where I teach (all weather, all year 'round), I found my student and friend Neil Buettner practicing BaGua. The circle he was walking reminded me of a Zen "empty circle" brush painting and the whole scene struck me as very beautiful. I set this footage to an old song of mine called "Full Circle" that I recorded back in 1989 with my old musical partner Victor Cummings. Neil is doing some basic circle walking as well as some of the "Mother Form" palm changes that I learned from Andy Dale of Xin Qi Shen dojo in Seattle. BaGua is not my specialty, I'm mainly into T'ai-Chi, but our particular style of T'ai-Chi (The Symmetrical Yang Style of Grandmaster Tchoung Ta-Tchen) has some significant BaGua influences. T'ai-Chi is like my main dish and BaGua and Hsing-I are more like spices. They add a lot but they are not my main area of study. Neil makes this look fairly easy, but it was really slippery and slushy out there. Once he was done and turned to talk to me, the first thing he said was, "Man, that was hard!"

This song not on any of the albums posted on my site but all my other music is available for downloading free or with a donation at www.GeneBurnett.com It's also available at iTunes and CD Baby and other e-retailers of music, where it might be faster and easier to find...but it'll cost you a bit.

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