Four Seasons Tai Chi In-depth Section 2, 太極操 鏡

Section 2 of Four Seasons Tai Chi In-depth. This evening we will review the movement in section 2 of our tai chi form. It will be fun, light-hearted and relaxing. We will divide each posture into easy learning movements. Our approach will be ‘Watch Me’, ‘Follow Me’, and ‘Show Me’… The “Show Me section of this evening’s class should be interesting for I cannot see any of you. However, on problem we will learn and have some fun. this evening movement will include: 8. Warding off evil. 9. Single whip. 10. Waving hands in the clouds. 11. Qigong 12. The white crane bows before the Emperor. 13. Reaching with punch right. 14. Qi Gong 15. The white crane bows before the Emperor. 16. Reaching with punch. 17. Qi Gong Visit website
Added on April 12th, 2020
Last updated: April 15th, 2020