Daily Kung Fu workout Day #26: Cheng and Liang Baguazhang

Today's Online Lesson:

5 min ShuiJiao Back and Hips
6 min Hip Roll
4 min Slice with Stepping
4 min Chuan Ko Pi
2 min Arm Hang Punch
2 min Liang Dong
2 min Cheng Dong
2 min Snake Creeps
2 min Snake Creeps w/ KoBu
6 min Cheng Shoulders
2 min Wall Sit

Welcome to my morning workout. In this class we focus on hip opening and Capoeira Basics. The Three Body Problem by CiXinLiu is playing in the background. Please feel free to follow along and ask any questions in the comments section.

We shuttered The Flying Tortoise Academy of Martial Arts on Mach 12th due to Covid 19. To help pass the time Kate and I thought it might be nice to start posting daily online classes and offer some Kung Fu goodness for folks to play with.
Stay safe and wash your hands:)

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Added on April 20th, 2020
Last updated: April 20th, 2020