Cheng Ming Internal Martial Arts / 1st Zhan Zhuang

Zhan Zhuang is the method for training standing meditation. Cheng Ming Zhan Zhuang incorporates sets of non-moving meditation postures, which help to calm the mind and stretch the breathing. Each posture in Zhan Zhuang coordinates with an internal organ and its related meridians. Cheng Ming Zhan Zhuang works on the circulation of both Pre-Heaven Chi and Post-Heaven Chi. This is the first form which coordinates with the five internal yin organs, those being the heart, liver, spleen, kidney, and lungs, respectively. As the practitioner becomes more adept, these postures are held for increasingly longer periods of time in order to increase neigong, or internal power. Visit website
Added on September 5th, 2017
Last updated: November 20th, 2020