Best Fight Scenes: Tai Chi

Literally translating to “Supreme Ultimate Fist” and being one of the three Wudang (or Wu-Tang) styles of Chinese martial arts (the other two being Baguazhang and Xing Yi) named after its origins in the Wudang Mountains of China, this martial art is commonly misperceived as only a slow-moving method of exercise and spiritual well-being. In actuality, like the other Wudang styles, it is an internal martial art, focusing on the cultivation of qi, or life force energy as it is known in Chinese philosophy, applying indirect force to subdue an opponent. This internal concept is similar to other internal martial arts like Judo, Aikido, and Hapkido where the enemy's own momentum is used against them. I’m no expert on Tai Chi but a fan of awesome fight choreography so I decided to delve a bit deeper and research some films/television series featuring Tai Chi.

List of movies/television series featured in order of appearance:
1. Bangkok Knockout
2. Tai Chi Master
3. House of Fury
4. Tai Chi Boxer
5. Kung Fu Hustle
6. Kung Fu Cult Master
7. Man of Tai Chi
8. Drunken Tai Chi
9. Tai Chi Zero
10. The Defender (The Bodyguard from Beijing)
11. Tai Chi Hero
12. The Matrix
13. Wu Dang
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Added on April 4th, 2017
Last updated: May 2nd, 2018