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Sifu Sealy is a disciple of the Great Grand Master Da Liu. Sealy studied Taijiquan; Traditional Chinese Medicine; massage, Qigong; Chinese Cosmology with Grand Master Da Liu up until a few weeks before his death in 2000 at age 95yrs. Sealy, travelled throughout China and other parts of the world, leaning with various martial arts masters and now living in Barbados, teaches the disciplines of Taijiquan, Qigong, Yoga and Ving Tsun kung fu for Health care management, self defence; cultivation and mastery of the self and the awakening of the true nature of the human being. Sealy has been a security consultant for private security companies, a martial arts instructor for the Royal Barbados Police Force and for the Barbados Defence Force (special commando squadron). Sifu Sealy can be contacted at the ANNU Institute for Human Development. Email [email protected] NOTE: Grand Master Da Liu first began his Taijiquan training in 1928 with Sun Lu Tang (Creator of Sun family style Taijiquan). Da Liu later migrated to Shanghai and learned older version of Yang family style; then Da Liu studied medical Qigong from Dr. Li Ching-Yun (reported to have lived 250 yrs by New York Times in `1930) Visit website
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