Bagua walking circle: Ding Shi Ba Zhang

鄒增華八卦掌教學體系有內八卦,外八卦之分。這是外八卦定式八掌中的一部分。練習時要多練單掌;青龍探爪,也就是多走圈少換方向,換方向八卦掌術語稱換掌。定式八掌有八組換掌動作姿勢。自己練八卦走圈時,換方向時練一組換掌動作就夠了。 Bagua Master System is divided into inner Bagua and outer Bagua. This is part of Ding Shi Ba Zhang outer Bagua. Practice single palms more often when practicing; green dragon's claws, that is, walking more circles and changing directions, changing directions. There are eight sets of palm-changing postures. When you practice baguazhang by yourself, it is enough to practice a group of palm changes when changing directions.
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Added on December 21st, 2019
Last updated: April 14th, 2020