Chen Taichi Fajin basics explained

Taichi instructor 'Shawn' (Baek Sang-heon/백상헌) (so not John, but Shawn) explains the basic principles of Chen-style Taichi Fajin. Fajin is the way power is developed in taichi by use of the Dantien, or power zone. Shawn is a physical therapist and a independent martial arts practitioner. He lives, works and teaches in South-Korea. He practices Chen style Taichi more than 15 years. I took admission to teach from the 21th transmission master from the Chen villiage in 6 years ago. Shawn's teacher is Chen Xiaoxing's first foreign transmission master. He studied under and continues to learn from both Chen Xiaoxing and Chen Bing. Visit website
Added on September 10th, 2016
Last updated: September 10th, 2016