9 HOURS of Relaxing music - Meditation,Sleep,Spa,Study,Reiki,Massage,Ayurveda,Qigong,Tai-Chi

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Music: Title: "Reiki Starlight"
by Llewellyn - Music © www.paradisemusic.us.com

This music is being used with permission under license.

This video uses the full Reiki Starlight - full album
( about 1 hour) by Llewellyn

Video: © 2014 Relax Night and Day
Relax Night and Day Youtube Channel
"Fonts Copyright (c) 2014 Relax Night and Day.
Corel Corporation und seine Lizenzgeber.
Alle Rechte vorbehalten."

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Added on May 9th, 2016
Last updated: June 16th, 2019