5 Animal Frolic | Tai Chi / Qi Gong

5 Animal Frolic Tai Chi Qi Gong Routine
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Regular practice of this Qi Gong is said to improve functioning of the Liver-Gall Bladder (Wood Element - tiger), Kidneys-Bladder (Water Element - deer), Spleen-Stomach (Earth Element - bear), Heart-Small Intestine (Fire Element - monkey) and Lung-Large Intestine (Metal Element - crane) respectively.

each one feet shoulder width apart
after each one, close the door , sink the qi (hands into heart)
inhale YIN exhale YANG

* start bottom with claw , loose fists, breathe in hands rise
* at shoulders, open palms, breathe out, up
* come down to center, breathe in
* open palms, push down breathe out
* coming bottom, stretch shoulders and neck look down

* sway back and forth one time first
* start right side, make horns
* left foot forward land on heel, pivot foot left, 90 degrees
* turn+look all the way back, lower arm close to body, lean into front foot
* come back same way, then sway left side
* inhale to sway, exhale during pivot

* start bottom, coming up left, (c-clockwise)
* loose fists, thumbs on top, thumb knuckles press into body slightly
* change direction at bottom, each time
* switch weight balance with each circle motion
* inhale towards top of circle, body leaning back
* exhale coming down to bottom of circle

* quickly grab the peaches (inhale) and bring everything high as possible
* stretch upper back, shoulders, tight neck, turn right, then left
* come to center, let it go, (exhale) relax everything, elongate neck coming down low as possible
* if repeating, switch sides

* shift weight right side first
* empty weight side doesn't move; empty step
* 3 times; first time only hands, then knee up halfway, then hands all the way up and knee up halfway

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Added on September 18th, 2018
Last updated: March 18th, 2019