★ 2 Hours ★ Authentic East Asian Music for Zen Meditation (Kung Fu, Tai-Chi)

In Eastern philosophy, Zen is a state of serenity. Music vibrations are the most accessible way to quickly comprehend the essence of tranquility, as well as to realize that the present moment is all that a person has. Zen can be found in everything, including tea, paintings, rain, nature, etc., and in regular daily activities. Meditate with this Zen music specially selected from Wind Music’s most popular albums to connect with your own Divinity within.

Tracklist (You can get it on iTunes) :
01. The Free Flowing Meditation Spirit / Wang Sen-Di & Zou Jian-Ping 00:00-07:38
02. Breeze with Joyous Whispers/ Wang Sen-Di & Zou Jian-Ping 07:41-14:28
03. Freshness / Wang Sen-Di & Zou Jian-Ping 14:31-21:26
04. Tea under a Pine / Qian OuYang & Xiu-Lan Yang 21:27-27:23
05. Rain and Tea / Zhang Wei-liang 27:25-33:06
06. The Yin and Yang in Harmony / Wang Xu-Dong 33:08-36:25
07. Blissful Breath / Wang Xu-Dong 36:27-44:55
08. Flowers...